ZECH Umwelt GmbH

Creating new opportunities with both ecological and economical solutions - precisely this defines the range of services offered by ZECH Umwelt GmbH. Its activities cover all aspects of environmental demands: from land recycling and water treatment to emission avoidance and material flow management, to landfill construction and operation as well as earth moving and hydraulic engineering. As a full-service remediator of contaminated sites, ZECH Umwelt is one of the most experienced and successful market players in Germany. The company manages projects of all sizes from planning to implementation and has state-of-the-art plant technology as well as innovative recycling and treatment processes at its disposal. Processes and facilities are continuously developed, setting standards throughout Europe.

ZECH Transport GmbH

A main focus of ZECH Transport's activities is the management of material flows from the construction site to recycling or disposal. ZECH Transport GmbH ensures the transport capacities that are absolutely necessary in this chain. With a modern fleet of trucks specially adapted to the task at hand, bulk goods are transported professionally, on time and safely to the customer and their destination. ZECH Transport GmbH also offers combined transport logistics solutions with rail or sea transportation. Its own transshipment station for bulk goods in Ulm is a key part of this.

ZECH Water Technology GmbH

ZECH Water Technology GmbH specialises in all services relating to soil gas and water treatment. This involves the use of biological, chemical and physical procedures. The aim is to find an optimal process engineering solution that is precisely designed for the task at hand. An extensive selection of various equipment modules enables fast action and guarantees adaptation to local conditions. The service portfolio of ZECH Water Technology GmbH includes consulting, planning and project implementation as well as commissioning, maintenance and operation management, failure management and remote monitoring.