07. February 2019

Modular administration building built for Braunschweig Hospital

Cadolto completes new building for clinical facilities

Cadolzburg, 07.02.2019 - The Braunschweig hospital will integrate the lung centre from the St. Vinzenz hospital in Braunschweig in the future and therefore requires additional capacity. On 24.12.2018 Cadolto was awarded the contract to design and construct a new modular administration building for one of Northern Germany's largest hospitals.

The project will be planned together with DECKER ARCHITEKTEN & INGENIEURE, Braunschweig and constructed in Salzdahlumer Straße, the largest of the three locations of the Braunschweig clinic. In future, the three-storey modular building with a total floor area of 6,836 m² will accommodate the functional area of pneumology (pulmonary medicine) with capacity for 89 beds. In addition, the new building will be used as an alternative building during the conversion work for a new general care ward.

The modules for the administration building will be produced - while the foundation work is being carried out on site - in Cadolto's workshops and then transported to the construction site by truck. Finally, the new building will be attached to the existing clinic building by a connecting corridor. Due to the high degree of prefabrication of the modules, a lot of time can be saved compared to conventional construction methods. Thanks to the shortening of the construction time on site and the associated low construction site noise, the adjacent clinic can continue to operate.