23. July 2019

New contract for kamü Projektbau

Kamü Projektbau GmbH has acquired a new customer via its Erkrath office. The contract is worth € 7.3 million and includes the extension of the existing nursing home by 80 nursing rooms in Essen-Heidhausen.

For the branch manager Joachim Schüler and calculator Harald Imping, this is already the 6th follow-up order that they have both completed together with the client over the past 20 years.

The planned new building will be constructed as a five-storey building (KG to 3rd floor) with a flat roof. Due to the hillside location, the basement is completely above the site surface on the south side.

The new building has a maximum extension of approx. 57.00 m (east-west) x 26.65 m (north-south) and reaches a height of approx. 15.50 m above the ground. The total gross floor area to be constructed is 5,030 m².

The main entrance of the new building is located on the ground floor and is accessed via the new driveway on the north side of the building.

Internal access to the floors is provided by two internal stairwells, an external escape staircase and two elevators.