17. September 2019

Urban planning pioneer project on Borkum

On Borkum, the north and east banks of the former naval port in the district of Reede are being redeveloped in terms of urban planning. In a first step, a housing concept that is novel for Germany is to be realised here by around mid-2020. Three three-storey residential buildings with 115 apartments will be built on the site Achter de Oostkaje 4. These will serve as accommodation for the employees of the offshore wind farms off the island.

CO2-free operation is planned for the residential buildings. In addition to the apartments, the buildings will include a number of communal rooms and traffic areas. The first phase of the quarter development also includes the construction of a single-storey commercial building, which will be used by a local utility company in the future.

Kamü Bau is currently carrying out the following construction work:

  •     Laying of the basic lines
  •     Setting and filling the angle supports for flood protection
  •     Concrete work for the floor of the lower lying part of the building (technical area)
  •     Installation of construction roads and storage areas
  •     Excavation of strip foundations